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How to Choose a Tax Preparer for Truckers

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Truck drivers miss crucial deductions that can significantly increase their earnings yearly due to underskilled tax preparers or filing their own taxes. Truck driving taxes are a very complicated, specialized field that requires someone who knows the ins and outs of the specificities to work diligently on filing the proper return for the hardworking truck driver.

While looking for a good tax preparer, a truck driver should always be diligent in the selection process. In handling the finances of a truck driver, both the taxpaying truck driver and the tax preparer will want to establish and maintain a professional and prosperous relationship. Below we’ll talk about common mistakes and tips for choosing the right tax preparer for a truck driver.

What Questions Should A Truck Driver Ask Themselves While Searching For A Prospective Tax Preparer?

When searching for the right tax preparer, you’ll want to interview prospective preparers until you find the one with whom you want to work. While conducting that interview process, don’t be afraid to ask yourself some questions about your prospects:

1. Do they provide proper value for the expenses they charge?

  • Instead of asking what their fees are, consider asking how they determine fees

2. Were they quick and attentive to your needs?

  • You want to work with someone who can help you promptly

3. What is their proven track record?

  • Pick a tax preparer who has been around the block and knows what they’re looking for regarding truck driver taxes

4. Are they agreeable and pleasant to deal with?

  • You are going to be working quite closely with your tax preparer; make sure they are someone with whom you will get along

5. Do they know truck driving taxes well?

  • As a specialty field, truck driving taxes can be challenging to work with; you’re going to want to hire a preparer that knows the industry inside and out

What Specific Credentials Should A Truck Driver’s Tax Preparer Have?

As a truck driver, you should partner with a tax professional with the proper credentials to meet your specific needs. Truck driver taxes are a particular specialty field and should be treated as such.

First, you should work with a firm that hires Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants so that if issues arise, you have unlimited representation before the IRS in the event of an audit or collection proceeding.

Never agree to do business with a tax preparer that does not provide you with a copy of your tax return and their Preparer Tax Identification Number.

What Makes A Good Truck Driver Tax Preparer?

Any tax preparer can be good. But you’re looking for the RIGHT tax preparer for your specific situation. There is no such thing as being too picky when searching for the tax preparer that you will trust to navigate you through the tricky waters of truck driver tax returns.

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