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Mr. Haselman

Only good things can be said about Mr. Haselman. His empathy and care is his trademark and I am lucky he took my case. I will be in debt to him forever. He just change my life with his knowledge and dedication.


His answers are consistently clear, concise and competent.

I have never met Mr. Haselman & do not know him personally. I became acquainted with him by reviewing, & finding myself agreeing with, his answers on AVVO. Having answered nearly 7,000 questions myself I think that I am qualified to differentiate between the hacks & the real-deal, & Mr. Haselman clearly stands-out as the real-deal. His answers are consistently clear, concise and competent. He cuts to the chase, doesn’t blow proverbial sunshine up Askers’ pant legs & simply tells it like it is (just as I strive to do). After having read& agreed with several of his answers I reached out to Mr. Haselman & introduced myself. I found out that he has been practicing law for 15 years but that law is his second career, as he is a retired police officer, & this explains his no-nonsense approach to criminal defense questions & my appreciation for his brand of lawyering. If you want a lawyer who both knows the law & who will tell you how it is (as I do) then you will like Mr. Haselman.

Michael Haber
Criminal defense Attorney

Small Business Tax Deduction

He was to the point, and he gave me all the information I need to prepare legally for my tax deduction for my just getting started small business.


He has great hospitality and family orientated people skills.

Ray Haselman has been my tax attorney since the day I started working and paying taxes. He is honest, loyal and resourceful. He comes highly recommended by me. He has great hospitality and family orientated people skills. I bring all of my children who also love Ray too. Thank you for always taking your time and getting me back the money I deserve.

Holly Apetz

I endorse this lawyer. He is extremely knowledgeable and seeks to serve his clients interests at all times.

Sergio Cabanas
Divorce and Separation Attorney