Tax Preparation for Independent Truckers

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I prepare taxes for Professional Truck Drivers from all 50 States. Have your taxes prepared by a Tax Attorney instead of some storefront outfit that will be closed down on April 16th without any support for you through the year.

  • All back taxes prepared
  • All IRS Audit Representation
  • IRS 2290 Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax
  • Nationwide Service for Professional Drivers
  • Complete Yearly Tax Preparation for Truckers
  • All taxes, All years, All states Prepared for All Truckers
  • Tax Attorney Representation
  • Value Priced Services for Professional Drivers
  • Free Consultation
  • All IRS & State Tax Problems Solved Here!
  • Un-filed Returns for Drivers Prepared

Corporations and LLC Formations

If you had a friend or "a friend of a friend" prepare a Corporation for you, it is very likely it was prepared INCORRECTLY and will not offer you any protection, and maybe create an IRS red flag. Business formations often (or practically always) involve legal advice and/or explanations. ONLY an Attorney can give you legal advice.

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