By: Law Office of Ray Haselman

How To Avoid IRS Problems To Begin With

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Always pick up reputable, professional tax preparer. Many taxpayers get very poor tax advice from one of the 4 Bs:

  • Brother-in-law
  • Barber
  • Bartender
  • Best buddy

When you get in trouble with the IRS, none of them are going to pay your tax bill, tax penalties or go through the horrible experience of an IRS audit.

Choose a licensed tax professional such as an IRS enrolled agent, CPA, or tax attorney to prepare complex tax returns, including business tax returns. You will save money in the long run in addition to IRS headaches.

Don’t be Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish.

Many fly-by-night tax-preparation businesses in South Florida claim to be accountants when they are here today – gone tomorrow. I have found that many of my clients that have serious tax problems went to an unlicensed tax preparer. The tax preparers were either cheaper, or recommended by one of the 4 Bs, or the taxpayer was promised a really big refund.

I also offer retail tax preparation for the present year and I can file all back past due tax returns, either personal or business.